Untitled Game: LibGDX key binding

The code I wrote for key binding in LibGDX looks pretty easy to integrate into other codebases – it took about an hour to get it working in Untitled Game, and most of that was fiddling with the options menu – so I thought I’d put it up on my Bitbucket in case anyone wanted to use it.


Untitled Game updated

A few people asked for key rebinding in Untitled Game, so I added that.

Play in browser

Untitled Game

Play in browser

(Controls: WASD or arrow keys, Ctrl to fire)

“Untitled Game” is a shmup I started fiddling with about a year ago, then ignored until very recently. Its major inspiration, gameplay-wise, is DemonStar – a game I spent entirely too much time playing on school computers back in the day.

ipv6 ready