Untitled Game updated

A few people asked for key rebinding in Untitled Game, so I added that.

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I also got rid of a few annoying pauses – I generate a LibGDX Pixmap for every TextureRegion in the game to do things like collision checking (I really should include a flag in the image definition to disable that – I don’t need them for things like explosions). But basically, I was doing this the first time the image was created, which (for things like an explosion, or the level boss’s sprite) was causing a slowdown during play. You might have noticed it the first time a ship exploded and when the boss appeared.

So I’m now preloading those Pixmaps – generating all of them as the images are parsed on game start. So there should be no more slowdowns during play.

The only remaining issue that I’m stumped on is the weird delays before some sounds play. The server logs tell me that the game is re-downloading sounds during play, even though they all should have been preloaded at game start, and there are no more calls to Gdx.Files.internal() after that. But it doesn’t happen every time any sound plays – just sometimes, for certain sounds. It almost seems like the browser is refusing to cache them.

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